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New Maintainer [29 Oct 2012|10:23pm]

Hello Garbers,

flintycresent has graciously offered to become a maintainer of this community so that you can continue posting without being bothered by spammers - I will check in every so often and if anything is awry don't hesitate to contact either of us via direct message.

Happy Halloween and I hope those of you on the North American East Coast are safe and sound.


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Garbery Moderation [22 Oct 2012|12:23pm]

Hi All,

Just your mod checking in. I posted quite a while back to see if anyone would be interested in moderating this community and recieved absolutely no response. I regret to inform you that if no one comes forward I will be shutting down the community as I am no longer active on Livejournal and don't want it to become a hotbed of spam.

Please reply here or message me through LJ if you'd be at all interested in taking over the community, I know several people find it useful and it would be unfortunate to have it dissapear.


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Is anyone minding the store? [28 Aug 2012|11:34pm]

Because you should be aware, someone's posting stuff with a significant lack of garb. I'm unsubscribing.
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New Pouches, Watch Pins, & Matching Earrings! [16 Jul 2012|09:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've just finished making a bunch of new pouches, watch pins, and matching earrings. My grandmother, mother, and I combined our efforts on the pouches, and it was a lot of fun to be crafty with my family!

All of the deluxe pouches have detachable shoulder straps as well as belt loops, and two pockets on the inside which will hold a cell phone and credit cards/money. Some of the watches were designed specifically to match the pouches, and most watches have earrings that match them exactly. If two or more items are purchased (pouch and watch, watch and earrings, or all three), I'll do free shipping.

Click on the picture below to go to my Etsy shop -

New pouches, watch pins, and matching earrings!

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Leather Corsets for Sale [21 Feb 2012|04:24pm]

In hopes to get some funding together for making sure our first couple of rescued ex-battery hens will have a great & safe garden area to roam in, a comfortable home, loads of yummy food and enough supplements or vet-care at hand to get them through the those difficult early stages I am selling a few corsets. Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing Centre are currently in the process of getting rescued chickens to new homes and we hope to provide a good one in the very near future :) If you are based on the island of Ireland and wish to give (or know someone that might be able to!) some of these girls a new home be sure to get into contact with the rescue centre :)

Black Leather overbust: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Leather-Overbust-Steel-bones-/320852437264
Celtic Inspired corset: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Celtic-Inspired-Corset-Steel-Bones-RENN-SCA-LARP-/320852469277

Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing Centre; http://www.facebook.com/NutHouseHenRescue

Thanks for looking, and please share to all whom might be interested! :)
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Rennies_nPhotos Community [13 Jul 2011|03:14pm]

I like to remind everyone once or twice a year about my community here on LJ for Renaissance/Fantasy Faire photos at rennies_nphotos.

Doesn't matter which Renaissance Faires or Fantasy-themed Festivals you go to, all are welcome..even LARP'ing events.:)

I recently finished posting my own photos from the Colorado Renaissance Festival of this year and the Great Lakes Medieval Faire from last year, so come on over and check out others' photos and/or post your own. They don't even have to be recent...if you've got photos from Faire lying around from years ago -post those, too!:D

Please spread the word about rennies_nphotos!!
Thank you!!:)

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Renaissance Garlands for SALE!! [15 Feb 2011|12:27pm]

I've recently started making these floral garlands and am really liking them. I've got plans for more in different colors and flower-types, but making those depends upon how well these two sell.:)

(click on the pics. to take you to the sales)


"Rose Red Garland"

"Autumn Renaissance Garland"

-What do you think?
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Seeking co-moderator [15 Feb 2011|12:11pm]

Hi everyone! It's your friendly completely absent moderator/community owner here!
I am wondering if any of you fine folks might be interested in co-moderating this community for me. I don't want to delete it since it seems to be helpful to many of you but have gone back to school and it is impossible for me to continue to maintain it.

Thank you very much to those of you who have emailed me regarding spammers in the community - I will do my best to keep on top of keeping those posts out of here and off your feeds.

If anyone would be interested in maintaining, moderating or taking over the community entirely please send me a message!

Thank you all and happy garbing!
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Great Lakes, OH Ren. Faire 2010 vendors... [29 Jan 2011|11:59pm]

Can anyone tell me where I might find a list of the garb-vendors at the Great Lakes Ren. Faire this past year?

I'm looking for two in particular...
one is a small booth that sells alot of sheer pieces (tops, skirts, etc.) in which the material kind of looks like netting...they also sold some belly dance accessories. There was a lemonade-booth across the lane from them and they were further towards the back of the site.
-(sorry, I've only been there once so I can't recall exactly where everything was and I don't remember what else it was next to.)

The second is a larger booth and it wasn't too far from the jousting-field...this is a perm. structure. The vendor sold a variety of skirts, chemises, bodices, men's doublets, pants, etc. I think the leather boot vendor was a few buildings down to the left of this clothier vendor.

Anyone know the names of these vendors or how I might get in touch with them? I'd like to purchase some of their product soon, and I know I won't be back to that Faire anytime soon.

I tried looking for them at the official Faire website, but there doesn't appear to be a list of vendors, just a link to an application for vending. -Not helpful, unfortunately.:(

Thanks so much in advance!!

And, if it's ok: some shameless self-promotion...
If anyone has any Faire photos (from any year) that they'd like to share, I have a comm. waiting for you: rennies_nphotos
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Sylvan Ladies Bracers [26 Jul 2010|01:00pm]

Hello all, my Etsy shop is open and now the featured item for sale is a pair of Sylvan Ladies Bracers, pictured below. They're hand carved on 5 oz vegetable tanned leather, and antiqued with a warm tawny stain, with a glossy finish. They measure 14.5cm at the wrist and 22cm at the forearm, and are 15.5cm long.

Available now on my Etsy shop: Princess, Pirate, & Paladin

Take care, and let me know what you think!
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CorsetStyles.com [26 Jun 2010|04:55pm]


Join our brand new online corset community for a chance to win a FREE Timeless-Trends underbust corset!  CorsetStyles.com is the newest place to post photos, share corset tips, and connect with other corset lovers!
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Renaissance Faire photos [17 May 2010|10:41pm]

Looking for a place to share your Renaissance Festival photos with like-minded individuals? Or maybe you're just suffering some home-sickness and want to oggle others' Ren. Faire photos...

I've got a great place for you to do both: rennies_nphotos

Royalty, Peasants, Wenches, Pirates, Fae, SCA, Performers, etc. Everyone is welcome!!

Post as many photos as you like from any country. We want your photos!!;D

X-Posted everywhere I could!:)
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[ mood | hopeful ]

 Right, so I've been cleaning my house and I found some UNWORN Renaissance and 18th century clothing that I'd like to sell.


(more info at my journal) 

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1860 Christmas Plaid Day Dress for Sale [26 Aug 2009|06:44pm]


This beautiful day dress is perfect for Holiday and Seasonal reenactment and fair events. Made of medium weight jacquard, the gown is meticulously constructed, with excellent interior bodice finishing, and attention to detail.  Read more about this gown, or to view the listing on Etsy, CLICK HERE

More Info and Photos Behind the Cut...Collapse )
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Middle Class Elizabethan Gown For Sale on Etsy [25 Aug 2009|09:40pm]


I am selling one of my first costumes, a middle-class Elizabethan gown, done up in gold/brown brocade, with crocheted trim accents.

I've worn this gown, cleaned it, and have done a lot of work on it to refurbish it. The interior tapes, center front point, and pleating of the skirt are all new.

The under-petticoat shown is NOT for sale, but is merely there for display purposes. The package includes the bodice and the skirt.

If you are interested in this gown, go take a look at the Etsy listing for more information!
More photos under the cut...Collapse )</div>
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Civil War/ Steampunk/ Renaissance Re-enacting Clothing for Sale [24 Aug 2009|12:01am]

Here is a listing of all of my Civil War clothing pieces for sale on EBay. They are all in excellent condition, with no reserve price. Starting bid is set at $9.99

Three Boned hoopskirt
Lot of two aprons, a set of bloomers and a underskirt
Dark plaid day skirt
Light striped day skirt
Black day working bonnet
White canvas working shoulder bag
Formal Blue satin day bonnet
Lot of two hairpieces
White, boned working corset
Gothic Black Gown with Medievil Style Gauze Sleeves
Reversible Renaissance corset
Steampunk/Victorian red raw silk dress with black lace, beading and fringe

The following is listed with a $175 dollar reserve:
Medici style ballgown in cream and emerald green moire silk taffeta

In case anyone wants random items too...Collapse )
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1490s Italian Renaissance Gown - For Sale [17 Jun 2009|08:16pm]


Hi Folks!  There comes a time in every costumer's life when they realize they have too many costumes, many of which they haven't worn for a long time, and that it's time to get rid of some.  This Italian gown didn't make it into the "stay" pile, so I've listed it on Etsy for $80.00 USD.  Link to Etsy:


Here's the description:

This gown is a beautiful costume made of gold patterned jacquard and cream-colored silky fabric. It is perfect for historical reenactment, costume parties, renaissance and medieval faires, or other special occassion.
Bust 34"
Waist 28"
Hip 36" +

The gown closes at the back with hooks and eyes at the waist, and lacings through grommets at top and bottom. The bodice is off-the-shoulder, and the straps have been added for ease of wear (not shown in above picture). The organza sleeves are set in, with the tube oversleeves tied at shoulder and elbow. The costume does not require period underpinnings.

This gown is washable! It has been worn once, cleaned, and refurbished.

This costume was made by a beginning seamstress, so while the exterior is exquisite, there is no interior finishing. The price has been adjusted to reflect this.
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Colonial Civil War Medici style ballgown [02 Jun 2009|11:07pm]

fter much thought and consideration, I have decided to sell my ball gown. I used to be very active in Civil War Reenactments, and this was my labour of love.

The description...Collapse )

This is a one of a kind piece, hand-made with love and attention to detail. Don't settle for mass-manufactured ballgowns..go with something unique and beautiful as you are. My reserve is set at $200, which is a steal for such a gorgeous piece.

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Custom Garb! [25 Mar 2009|03:47pm]

Hello! My name is Daisy Viktoria, and I make all sorts of clothing, costumes, and corsets. I've been sewing for 17 years, and I've been making period garb for most of that time. You can check out my website below. :)


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Elizabethan Court Gown for sale [15 Mar 2009|09:48am]

I'm selling a slightly used, spectacular costume.


Red Velvet Court  Gown
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