September 23rd, 2003

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A Newbie..

Hello, I'm a newbie to this Community. I've been interested in Renaissance garb for several years now. Allow me to introduce myself. My Faire name is Sphinx, I'm 21 years old and have been working at Renaissance Faires since I was 16yrs. old. I've worked at two in Tennessee(the Tennessee Ren. Faire, and the former Drachenburg Ren. Fest.), I've worked as an Elf -sword fighting in one Faire and working the "King's Game's" archery booth at the other. I've also been a Gypsy dancer for a little bit with the Gypsy group "Labyrinthe".
-So as you can see, I love Renaissance Festivals!

I've become very interested in making my own Renaissance garb...I've got a pattern for cloaks and some skirts. Does anyone know where I could find some more patterns? (Please don't suggest Simplicity...I'm not overly excited by their selection.)
Also, what kinds of materials are good? I'm just learning how to sew, but I'd really love to learn how to make really good Ren. garb. Nothing outrageous like Royalty costumes, yet. I'm interested in things like circle-skirts, pirate shirts, wrap pants, bodices...several differant styles, bloomers, etc.

And if anyone knows of a good leather-help site, I'd appreciate it. I'd love to learn how to work leather.

-Thank you!

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