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Welcome to The Garbery
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Saturday, October 25th, 2003

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Anyone have any good suggestions for boned bodices sites? Or even just good bodice sites?
The only really good one I've found so far is www.crimsongypsy.com


Annnnddd...does anyone know where I can find a leather hat just like Jack Sparrow's from "Pirates of the Caribbean"...or maybe a place/site where it's similar...maybe with a wide round brim and also the top being round/domed? -I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!
Another Question...
Does anyone know of any good sites to find Renaissance tents or pavilions for a vendor/merchant? Anything 12X12 or smaller should be fine.

Also...does anyone know where to find any portable coffee makers -industrial sized, maybe one that doesn't have to have an electrical outlet but perhaps has it's own power source...something you could use at a Faire to sell coffee for large amounts of people...


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