December 7th, 2003

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Some garb questions...

I'm interested in designing myself a nice and historically accurate Pirate-wench/woman outfit...and please believe me that this has nothing to do with the recent "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. (Tho' that was a good movie!)
I've been trying to design the perfect Female Pirate/Corsair costume for myself since I'd visited the Louisiana Ren. Faire two years ago...I'd like to have a very nice, but not overly-elaborate outfit for that Faire and other such-themed Faires in the future. Plus, my Love is really wanting a cool Pirate outfit and I'd like to be able to accent him when he wears it:)

So, my first question... where might I find some reference literature/illustrations to help draw inspiration from...or one better, where might I find some good patterns to use, or where might I find a good clothier selling Piratical accessories for the modern-day wench?

Second, what are good materials to use in a Pirate's closet? Mainly for a female...?
I realize that linens and cottons are mandatory for most Rennies...but then I got to thinking about it. As a Pirate she'd travel to differant lands, so she could wear Eastern silks or Arabian satins if she was so inclined, right?
I'm not an overly "feminine" personality, but not very male either. I'm a few notches below tom-boy...I like my makeup and busty outfits like anyother woman!

So for my busty and baudy Pirate costume I'm aiming for some alluring but at the same time...threatening, you know? Demanding notice and respect of power.

So here are my ideas so far...I'd show you my sketches, but my image hoster isn't working right now.

I've been attracted to the combo. of black and dark red...scarlet or reddish-purple...can't think of the exact name right now though. I've got a bodice design in mind...dark red with gold tracery through it, like a dulled shiny satin...does that make sense? With the same toughness as upholstery fabrics. -lacing up the sides or front.
I black over-skirt with the dark red underneath, both are pulled up and knotted to the the upper thighs show...then there'd be some short white bloomers on...they'd reach mid-upper thigh. then, black thigh-high boots with a heel...some white stockings that come up 'just above' the boots... Now, that's the main of far.
I've been thinking about the Corsair frock coats...this costume is definitely deserving of one of those...being long-ish I believe...still black, maroon(that's the color!), with some gold tracery through it. Oh and under the bodice would be either a white cotton shift or black. -So what do you think???

I myself have got a curvy figure, not big but not petite. I've got long blond hair and a light complexion...I think that the maroon and black would actually look good on me.

Any suggestions or questions??? -would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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