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Welcome to The Garbery
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Thursday, December 18th, 2003

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Ebay auctions ending...
Sorry for cross posting.
Less than 24 hours left on these amazing items on Ebay... Included are Catherine Coatney items, a Stormy Leather corset, other beautiful corsets, and tons of hair care. They are still at very low prices... great deals for the holidays!

Icemachine1/Slave1 Auctions
Corsair/Pirate garb...
This is a sort-of 'follow-up' to my first post about some female Pirate/Corsair garb...namely the jacket.
I've come across a Simplicity pattern for the Matrix jackets and I'm thinking that with some tweeking of the pattern here and there and the right materials selection, that perhaps it could come out looking like a fine Pirate/Capt.'s jacket for a woman. What do you think? And no, this isn't going to be "period" afterall. I'm going to go with what I think will look killer on me. But still look somewhat Renaissance/Fantasy...does that make sense?

So what do you think??

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