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Welcome to The Garbery
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Monday, August 24th, 2009

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Civil War/ Steampunk/ Renaissance Re-enacting Clothing for Sale
Here is a listing of all of my Civil War clothing pieces for sale on EBay. They are all in excellent condition, with no reserve price. Starting bid is set at $9.99

Three Boned hoopskirt
Lot of two aprons, a set of bloomers and a underskirt
Dark plaid day skirt
Light striped day skirt
Black day working bonnet
White canvas working shoulder bag
Formal Blue satin day bonnet
Lot of two hairpieces
White, boned working corset
Gothic Black Gown with Medievil Style Gauze Sleeves
Reversible Renaissance corset
Steampunk/Victorian red raw silk dress with black lace, beading and fringe

The following is listed with a $175 dollar reserve:
Medici style ballgown in cream and emerald green moire silk taffeta

In case anyone wants random items too...Collapse )

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