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Wulfgar - Reversible - Wool and Faux Fur Short Cloak - L XL XXL

 New short cloak for sale! I do not have enough of either fabric to reproduce this again so get it while you can.


This Wulfgar Short Cloak is fully reversible and very warm. It also has ample hood to hide from the elements.
Great for re-enactments, LARP, and everyday cold weather wear. Perfect for Fall through Winter!

The Short Cloak has 4 heavy Silver-tone Buttons with an intricate wheel design that button to a removable/reversible placket. It is made of a wonderful grey/brown/black Wolf-like Faux Fur and soft but tightly woven medium weight Black Wool. 
These fabrics are straight from NYC's fabric district. Not only was it the last of what my favorite vendor had but no one else was carrying it either. So there will be no more made exactly like this anytime soon, if ever!


Details, details, details:

Length - center front: 32"*
Width at shoulders - flat: 32"*
Hood - center front to point: 16"*

This fits loosely on my fiance who is 6'1 with a 42" chest and so will fit someone larger also -- up to approx 58"* around the widest part of your chest including your arms (easiest to figure if someone measures for you).
*Measurements listed are approximate.

Price: $270
That's 10% off and includes FREE U.S. shipping! 
xx ~Static
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