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Hand Spun Yarn and Hand Dyed Yarn

Knitted tunics, and other woolen garments have always been a staple through out the ages.  Wool is a natural fiber that is naturally fire resistant (not to be mistaken for retardant) and if lanolinized, a wool garment can help keep you dry on a wet rainy day.  It's insulating properties are well known and the breathability of a well knitted woolen garment makes it perfect for a day that starts out cool, but gets rather warm.  Not all wool is scratchy, and most hand spun yarns these days are rather soft as the spinners enjoy working with the smoother, softer fibers.

I'm running a special at Etsy right now because I want to clear out the commercial spun yarn in favor of my own. All these were kettle dyed and are wonderful in hand - very soft. Both Sock and Worsted Weight yarns... all called Yarngetti by my daughter.  As I use these yarns myself for baby garments, there isn't a scratchy bit amongst them.

My February special is just about up - 2.00 shipping on the first item, and 1.00 a skein thereafter... Please, clean me out so I can get some of my hand spun up and can support my three year old daughter's flower girl dress habit.

The URL is

Also on February 27 my son turned 1 year old… so I decided to run a silly sale on Etsy, in addition to my February special.

His birthday means those who want to buy some Yarngetti, Yarn Eggs or Drop Spindles can get 10% off on all items listed in my Etsy Shop – just put the words "Hello Draco" in the message to seller box when you check out and wait for an updated invoice.

This sale expires at 11:59PM EST February 29th.
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