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Since I have a great deal of older costume pieces just hanging in the basement, not getting any use, I thought now would be a great time to offer them up for sale. I would love to sell whole gowns, but I will absolutely sell just the sleeves or hats or whatever, too, if that's what you want.

Of course these garments can only be altered to an extent, so bear that in mind. However, if you're close in size, I would be more than happy to make necessary alterations to make things fit correctly. They might be perfect for some of the younger girls, too! These garments are all within this general size range: height 5'4-5'6, corsetted bust 30-34, corsetted waist 24-28, and long long monkey arms. While these pieces may have been approved for St. George wear for my characters in the past, I am in no way guaranteeing that they will be approved for you or your character! Please check with Frank on this to make sure. That said, I can however guarantee that these clothes stand up to Bristol weather and wear, because they're all still in really great condition. Feel free to email me at with any questions. All of these clothes are pictured on my online portfolio here and I can provide more detailed photos upon request.

-red velvet with black velvet guards (trimmed in chevroned gold cording) bodice, matching open-front skirt, paned sleeves with white silk poufs, matching semi sheer partlet (only worn 4 times)
-gold beaded (carnelian, onyx, glass pearls) silk forepart (only worn 4 times)
-gold beaded (carnelian, onyx, glass pearls) silk caul

-La Paloma tiny red velvet tall hat with black trim, glass pearls, and a brooch with lots of lovely plumage (only worn 4 times)
-sea green damask MoH bodice and matching open-front skirt with plenty of ivory/gold trim. Worn for 2 seasons,.but washes pretty nicely
-forepart/sleeve set to go with MoH dress: Jacobean animal/forest designed leg-o-mutton sleeves and forepart
-forepart/sleeve set to go with MoH dress: copper embroidered silk open sleeves (lined in ivory dupioni) and forepart
-open-front shirt with hand-embroidered blackwork collar and cuffs and attached white with red trim ruffs. Again, worn for 2 seasons.
-gold attifet with sheer veil to go with MoH dress
-red french hood with Czech glass and pearl beading, black velvet veil to go with MoH dress

-blue dupioni (Maria de Medici reproduction) dress with hand embroidered gold/navy trim. Worn about 10 times.
-gold striped forepart and fitted sleeves to go with Maria de Medici dress
-orange dupioni petticoat
-ivory french hood with Czech glass and pearl beading, navy dupioni veil to go with Maria de Medici dress

I also have a large selection of freshwater pearl jewelry that I've made for sale. I have earrings, strand necklaces, earring and necklace sets, pendant-style necklaces, chain necklaces, and bracelets, and can do custom orders (girdles, aiglets, billaments, etc) as well. If you're interested in some jewelry (prices $10 up to $90, most between $15 and $30), feel free to email me at and let me know what you might like so that I can email you photos to discuss.
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