The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in the_garbery,
The Lady Rhiannon

Selling a Purpleheart Armoury Longsword

I know that Faire season is over for many of you, but there are smaller faires to come even for most of those, unofficial Rennie and SCA events no doubt as well, cosplay, Hallowee'en, gift-giving occasions... if you didn't get a chance to arm yourself (or someone else) at faire, but still want to...if peace-tied weapons policies only excite you just so much, because half the fun of carrying a weapon is getting to take it out and do something with it...or if you don't want to invest in (or trust someone with) steel, yet... about buying a Purpleheart Armoury wooden longsword, off of us? Purpleheart "wasters" are a bit lighter (and we find them to be balanced more nicely) than Hollow Earth's, making them less wearying to carry around, or wield (and unless you're already ready for battle, or at least full-blast battle training, that's usually a good thing), while still being well-crafted from very solid and good quality hickory, and comperable in look and feel. They are the standard training weapon for several major Western Martial Arts societies in the Chicago area. These are not the budget wooden swords most faires have a booth selling (often with kids in mind), of cheap painted pine. In fact, we've stained the hilt and leather-wrapped the grip of one of them, and had it mistaken for a real sword at some no-weapons faires.

We actually own "wasters" from both Hollow Earth and PurpleHeart, but the one we're currently making ourselves sell is being chosen because we haven't customized it (see comment about staining and leather-wrapping) yet. Keainid purchased it for longsword class from the Chicago Swordplay Guild, but scheduling didn't work out, and while it was handled, it was never put into full play. Hollow Earth apparently wants $60 for their longswords these days, at least online if not at faire- price (we spent more than that when we purchased ours at faire, 6 years back). PurpleHeart Armoury asks $70 for their longswords in solid hickory, online. This one is in NEW condition, because we never had a chance to use it, but we will happily sand and oil it before handing it over, since it was in storage during out move. While it would be lovely if someone
local wanted to buy it for the $70, we're willing to lower it to $60, to match Hollow Earth's price, and because it's technically second-hand.

Or if you really want, we could spiff it up for you, for a bit extra. We have a few colors of woodstain, as well as a hardening wax finish in both silver steel and black enamel colors (more durable and nice-looking than just paint), and with a little checking into local resources first, we could no doubt leather-wrap the grip for you, too.

The website doesn't show the exact style of the longsword we have. The blade is as shown, with fuller, and the pommel and grip of the hilt are also as shown. The guard, however, comes down in a slight V on the underside, pointing to the tip of the blade.


Please contact me if curious or interested. Buy a fun toy you can get away with carrying around to play with, and help out a Rennie family at the same time!

(Cross-posted to where it might find someone to love it...)
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