The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in the_garbery,
The Lady Rhiannon

For Sale: Functional Steel Demi-Gauntlets

The gauntlets cover the forearm, but only the top and sides of the hand, mitten-style, (leaving the underside open to your gloves). They are of Valentine Armoury make, from before they only sold their historical replicas to private collectors. They bear the company stamp. We were able to purchase them because they were discounted, as the then-apprentice's practice pair, so while functional, they are slightly messy (for example, an extra rivet-hole from where a punch wasn't lined up quite properly, the first time.) Nothing anyone is going to see from outside the tourney field, or likely notice unless looking closely, even from standing near. I have yet to try measuring to double-check the gage of the steel, but the company generally keeps to 16 or 18g for their gauntlets. While the gauntlets are unused because my husband is just built too small for them, the blackening of the inside isn't perfect -- it never was. I also confess that their time in storage has given them a small amount of very surface rust that needs to be cleaned off the outside, mostly under the overlap of the plates. I decided to take the photos before taking the time to find our sandpaper (we just moved, though they have been boxed since a move before), but tested the rust with my fingernail. The digicam we have at our disposal right now is not a particularly good one, and the lighting in the photos makes it look like there is a good deal more rust, in a good deal more places over the surface of the gauntlets, than there actually is. I can make further efforts of course, as necessary.

I've done some checking into the gauntlet market these days, and there isn't much out there that's made to withstand anything harsher than SCA larping with rattan, and a good deal of what claims to be is being sold by such reputable companies as "Bob's Weapon Cave", so...yeah. These are meant to not just look cool, but actually protect you..even from things harsher than rattan (so you know they'll be amazing finger/hand protection when you are sticking to larping weapons.) Whether you engage in swordplay professionally or just for fun...or steel gauntlets that look made for business just make you go "Ooooh" -- these would come in handy. They were originally going to be bought from us by one of the members of the Paragon Jousting Troupe, but he had to delay the purchase, so it's up for sale again, in case someone wants it before he can get it.

I took a bunch of photos, since there are plenty of angles to show, so if you're interested, e-mail me for the photos -- it makes more sense than cluttering the page here. If you're still interested, we'll go from there.

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