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Knightime Creations on Etsy! [24 Feb 2009|12:12am]

[ mood | creative ]

I've finally got my etsy store up and running! Feel free to drop by and check it out!

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Fairy Princess Ballerina costume for sale [30 Nov 2008|10:15pm]



This costume is truly a fairy tale dream come true! I built every piece of it, from hand dyeing the fabric to stitching tiny netting flowers to soldering the brass rod support system that holds the skirt up behind the dancer. This costume really defies gravity. It's remarkably lightweight, flexible, and it comes apart into pieces for storage and washing, making it perfect for a dance costume.

As much as I love it, I would love to have this costume out of my closet and out of the way for when I move soon! I am accepting reasonable best offers right now - clearly a lot of work and effort went into these garments and I want them to have a happy home and to be compensated fairly for my labor.

Click for a description and sizing informationCollapse )

More photos can be viewed here: http://angelafriedman.com/portfolio-course.shtml
Etsy sales page may be viewed here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14363187
I may be emailed privately here: info(at)angelafriedman(dot)com
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For Sale: Functional Steel Demi-Gauntlets [16 Oct 2008|10:49am]

The gauntlets cover the forearm, but only the top and sides of the hand, mitten-style, (leaving the underside open to your gloves). They are of Valentine Armoury make, from before they only sold their historical replicas to private collectors. They bear the company stamp. We were able to purchase them because they were discounted, as the then-apprentice's practice pair, so while functional, they are slightly messy (for example, an extra rivet-hole from where a punch wasn't lined up quite properly, the first time.) Nothing anyone is going to see from outside the tourney field, or likely notice unless looking closely, even from standing near. I have yet to try measuring to double-check the gage of the steel, but the company generally keeps to 16 or 18g for their gauntlets. While the gauntlets are unused because my husband is just built too small for them, the blackening of the inside isn't perfect -- it never was. I also confess that their time in storage has given them a small amount of very surface rust that needs to be cleaned off the outside, mostly under the overlap of the plates. I decided to take the photos before taking the time to find our sandpaper (we just moved, though they have been boxed since a move before), but tested the rust with my fingernail. The digicam we have at our disposal right now is not a particularly good one, and the lighting in the photos makes it look like there is a good deal more rust, in a good deal more places over the surface of the gauntlets, than there actually is. I can make further efforts of course, as necessary.

I've done some checking into the gauntlet market these days, and there isn't much out there that's made to withstand anything harsher than SCA larping with rattan, and a good deal of what claims to be is being sold by such reputable companies as "Bob's Weapon Cave", so...yeah. These are meant to not just look cool, but actually protect you..even from things harsher than rattan (so you know they'll be amazing finger/hand protection when you are sticking to larping weapons.) Whether you engage in swordplay professionally or just for fun...or steel gauntlets that look made for business just make you go "Ooooh" -- these would come in handy. They were originally going to be bought from us by one of the members of the Paragon Jousting Troupe, but he had to delay the purchase, so it's up for sale again, in case someone wants it before he can get it.

I took a bunch of photos, since there are plenty of angles to show, so if you're interested, e-mail me for the photos -- it makes more sense than cluttering the page here. If you're still interested, we'll go from there.

(x-posted where people are likely to be excited)
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Selling a Purpleheart Armoury Longsword [03 Sep 2008|12:56pm]

I know that Faire season is over for many of you, but there are smaller faires to come even for most of those, unofficial Rennie and SCA events no doubt as well, cosplay, Hallowee'en, gift-giving occasions...

...so if you didn't get a chance to arm yourself (or someone else) at faire, but still want to...if peace-tied weapons policies only excite you just so much, because half the fun of carrying a weapon is getting to take it out and do something with it...or if you don't want to invest in (or trust someone with) steel, yet...

...how about buying a Purpleheart Armoury wooden longsword, off of us? Purpleheart "wasters" are a bit lighter (and we find them to be balanced more nicely) than Hollow Earth's, making them less wearying to carry around, or wield (and unless you're already ready for battle, or at least full-blast battle training, that's usually a good thing), while still being well-crafted from very solid and good quality hickory, and comperable in look and feel. They are the standard training weapon for several major Western Martial Arts societies in the Chicago area. These are not the budget wooden swords most faires have a booth selling (often with kids in mind), of cheap painted pine. In fact, we've stained the hilt and leather-wrapped the grip of one of them, and had it mistaken for a real sword at some no-weapons faires.

We actually own "wasters" from both Hollow Earth and PurpleHeart, but the one we're currently making ourselves sell is being chosen because we haven't customized it (see comment about staining and leather-wrapping) yet. Keainid purchased it for longsword class from the Chicago Swordplay Guild, but scheduling didn't work out, and while it was handled, it was never put into full play. Hollow Earth apparently wants $60 for their longswords these days, at least online if not at faire- price (we spent more than that when we purchased ours at faire, 6 years back). PurpleHeart Armoury asks $70 for their longswords in solid hickory, online. This one is in NEW condition, because we never had a chance to use it, but we will happily sand and oil it before handing it over, since it was in storage during out move. While it would be lovely if someone
local wanted to buy it for the $70, we're willing to lower it to $60, to match Hollow Earth's price, and because it's technically second-hand.

Or if you really want, we could spiff it up for you, for a bit extra. We have a few colors of woodstain, as well as a hardening wax finish in both silver steel and black enamel colors (more durable and nice-looking than just paint), and with a little checking into local resources first, we could no doubt leather-wrap the grip for you, too.

The website doesn't show the exact style of the longsword we have. The blade is as shown, with fuller, and the pommel and grip of the hilt are also as shown. The guard, however, comes down in a slight V on the underside, pointing to the tip of the blade.

Photos under here...Collapse )

Please contact me if curious or interested. Buy a fun toy you can get away with carrying around to play with, and help out a Rennie family at the same time!

(Cross-posted to where it might find someone to love it...)
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Elizabethan Miniature Portraits [13 Jul 2008|12:10pm]


Hey folks. I'm new to this community, and I want to get the word out about my new products for faire.

I'm an art and portrait vendor at Northern California Renaissance faires, and also an avid costumer and history buff. Many people have asked me about miniature portraits and limning, and if I do it or know where to get them. I searched around online and found next to nothing -- no shops or sources for miniatures -- so I decided to make them myself. They were at hit out here in Cali, so I thought I'd make them available online to other history and costume folks. So check it out!! Some pics are below.  There are more frame styles on the website, and a large selection of portraits to choose from, or an option to have your own choice of portraits set into the frame.

The link to the website is:


I also sell prints and greeting cards from the site, in case you're interested :-).

--L'Elizabeth R.

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Handmade Frock Coats for sale [01 Jul 2008|01:12pm]
HI, I am putting up 5 frock coats made by me.They are all brand new and have been worn by me only for the pictures. I will put them up on ebay if no one takes them but I thought I'd start here as I'd rather have them worn by someone I know will use them. I have been sewing clothing since I was 15 so 11 years. Each one is different and I will describe each below, they all are fully lined with fuctioning buttonholes and pockets(i've never been a fan of faux unless its fur or leather). The buttons are all handcarved by my twin brother who is a professional woodcarver and are really lovely in my opinion. They would work for a variety of  time periods or styles, and as either costumes or just to wear as an everyday coat, c'mon you can pull them off. They are all well made from upholstery weight fabrics with a tailored fitted look. The first 3 are size medium and the last 2 are size large. Yes that is me as the not so handsome model in the first 3 and my twin brother in the last 2 as he is a larger fella and can fit the large sizes. I'm asking 110$ for each which includes Shipping in the USA, just email me if you'd like any of them so I can take them off the listing at aophaug@gontc.com
I can take a Paypal payment or a postal money order I'll give you all the information on payment in the response email. Thanks very much for looking and fell free to ask any questions.

1. Size Medium: Dark blue medium weight brocade with vining black jacquard cuffs collar and pocketflaps in a spiked style. Lined in midnight blue. The buttonholes are finished in black gimp trim and the buttons are in an etched crackle pattern in black and gray. Pictures below:

2. Size Medium: Black medium weight abstract jacquard coat body with silky black brocade fancy cuffs collar and pocketflaps with diamond shape cutout panes in a silky wine . Buttonholes are finished in burgundy scroll gimp trim and the buttons are domed with a pierced design and finished in glossy black.

3. Size Medium: Mossy green brown patterened velvet body with a really nice antiqued brown faux leather cuffs, large winged collar, and pocket flaps. Dark brown Faux leather trim and the buttons are rounded and polished brown applewood.

4.Size Large: Paisley heavy weight velvet in shades of reds burgundys and rusts with black jacquard for the rounded cuffs, thick fold over collar and pointed pocketflaps. Finished in a black braid trim, and dark brown umber pierced design buttons with a satin finish.

5. Size Large: Sage green leaf patterened upholstery weight velvet coat body with  very nice dark brown faux tooled leather pocketflaps, very fancy flared cuffs, and a stand up collar. Faux brown leather trim and the buttons are rounded and polished organic figured red applewood.

Let me know if there is a problem with the pictures I switched to a new site and it seems a little iffy.Sorry about having to cut and paste them the hotlinks seem to be down.
Price for each 110$ includes shipping in the USA.Thanks. Adam
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x-posted, sorry! [12 Jun 2008|01:47am]

Since I have a great deal of older costume pieces just hanging in the basement, not getting any use, I thought now would be a great time to offer them up for sale. I would love to sell whole gowns, but I will absolutely sell just the sleeves or hats or whatever, too, if that's what you want.

Elizabethan Costumes for SaleCollapse )

I also have a large selection of freshwater pearl jewelry that I've made for sale. I have earrings, strand necklaces, earring and necklace sets, pendant-style necklaces, chain necklaces, and bracelets, and can do custom orders (girdles, aiglets, billaments, etc) as well. If you're interested in some jewelry (prices $10 up to $90, most between $15 and $30), feel free to email me at info@angelafriedman.com and let me know what you might like so that I can email you photos to discuss.
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Cloaks on Spring SALE! [20 Mar 2008|07:30pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I have 2 cloaks currently listed on Etsy and they are on SALE! Free shipping to boot. Click the pics!

xx ~Static
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Hand Spun Yarn and Hand Dyed Yarn [29 Feb 2008|11:04am]

Knitted tunics, and other woolen garments have always been a staple through out the ages.  Wool is a natural fiber that is naturally fire resistant (not to be mistaken for retardant) and if lanolinized, a wool garment can help keep you dry on a wet rainy day.  It's insulating properties are well known and the breathability of a well knitted woolen garment makes it perfect for a day that starts out cool, but gets rather warm.  Not all wool is scratchy, and most hand spun yarns these days are rather soft as the spinners enjoy working with the smoother, softer fibers.

I'm running a special at Etsy right now because I want to clear out the commercial spun yarn in favor of my own. All these were kettle dyed and are wonderful in hand - very soft. Both Sock and Worsted Weight yarns... all called Yarngetti by my daughter.  As I use these yarns myself for baby garments, there isn't a scratchy bit amongst them.

My February special is just about up - 2.00 shipping on the first item, and 1.00 a skein thereafter... Please, clean me out so I can get some of my hand spun up and can support my three year old daughter's flower girl dress habit.

The URL is http://tgtreasures.etsy.com

Also on February 27 my son turned 1 year old… so I decided to run a silly sale on Etsy, in addition to my February special.

His birthday means those who want to buy some Yarngetti, Yarn Eggs or Drop Spindles can get 10% off on all items listed in my Etsy Shop – just put the words "Hello Draco" in the message to seller box when you check out and wait for an updated invoice.

This sale expires at 11:59PM EST February 29th.
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Searching for a pattern.. [26 Feb 2008|07:23pm]

I'm in the process of searching for a muffin hat/cap pattern...not the historically accurate ones which hold your hair back from your forehead, but the big floppy brimmed ones with at least two different fabrics used in the making of it.
I saw a vendor selling them at my local Faire (King Richards), but I didn't see any that I liked the color/fabric of and I felt that they were way over priced...couldn't afford one.:(
So It thought I'd make my own.

I did look through google but so far I haven't found anything...mostly I'm finding crochet patterns and the like.

I appreciate any helpful links and/or suggestions you might offer.

Thanks in advance!:)
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Trip to Bath Fashion Museum 26.01.2008 [18 Feb 2008|11:05pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I hope this is at least "kind of" the right place to post this, since most of the previous posts seem to be adverts for selling things...
But if anyone is interested, then there are quite a few photos of old clothes. :) For inspiration. :)

*WARNING* Image heavy posts!

Part i
Part ii
Part iii


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Moon Maiden Jewelry [10 Feb 2008|12:17pm]

Please check out my best friends gorgeous jewelry creations, Moon Maiden Jewelry. She does mainly headdresses/circlets, necklaces and bracelets. She is also able to do custom creations if you contact her through her MySpace:

The Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden Jewelry on Ebay
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Friend selling two cast-approved Renaissance outfits! [09 Feb 2008|12:13pm]

I am posting on behalf of "Lady E", long-time den mother of the Friends of Faire of Bristol Renaissance Faire. She is thinning out her garb closet before a move, and has priced two gowns to sell. At one point both of these pieces of garb were Faire Approved for BRF cast costumes. Both are made to fit a woman's size 22-24, 5'6" tall, though the skirts could be shortened by hemming, or lengthened by adding a kick panel. Both bodices have boning built in. Playtrons may not need an actual corset to wear.

This is a great opportunity to garb yourself for a faire/fest, a masqued ball or other custumed event, or a wedding -- while helping out another member of our community.

Noble bodice, sleeves, over-skirt, under-skirt and matching riding hat...Collapse )

Middle Class bodice, sleeves, over-skirt and under-skirt...Collapse )

Please contact her via email at fettiplace@aol.com if interested, or with further inquiries.
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Gift Certificates! [15 Dec 2007|11:07am]


Out of time to shop? No clue what to get your favorite Scadian or Rennie?

Give them a gift certificate to  A Faire Attire! http://www.afaireattire.com

Gift certificates are available in denominations from $25 and up, and are the perfect gift--they can be used on anything sold at A Faire Attire. They're the perfect color, the perfect material, and one size fits all!

Garb from A Faire Attire is always custom made, in the colors and fabrics of your choice, and always to your measurements.  Give a thoughtful gift that is sure to please, and one they will never forget!

Email info@afaireattire.com for more information.

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LOVE.TRUTH.BEAUTY.~ Salon Convention fashion Show!!! [10 Dec 2007|12:05pm]

You can help bring the Victorian Era back to life!

Salon Convention 2008 is holding an open call for Designers and models(all sizes/genders), of the Victorian, Neo-Victorian and Steampunk persuasion.
The Fashion Show will take place the evening of September 13, 2008 in Somerset,New Jersey.

For More details and Inquiries please contact


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Celtic Tapestry Cloak - Small Medium [09 Nov 2007|08:37pm]

[ mood | cold ]

This cloak is refashioned from a hand-dyed tapestry from India!
It has a shaped and adjustable drawcord neckline and a very ample hood. Light weight and perfect for Spring & Summer!


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17th Century Reenactment......The forgotton colony [09 Nov 2007|04:58pm]



Everyone interested in the 17th century, especially the long-neglected Dutch colony of New Amsterdam is invited join......  




It is still, of course, in its earliest stages, but I hope that with enough support and participation we can create an enjoyable and enlightening community.  New Amsterdam was always an unusually polyglot and diverse place when compared with the contemporary English settlements to the North and South.  In this same spirit I would like to emphasize that this community is open to everyone.  We need people with various areas of interest and expertise.  Eventually this group will have its own website independent of Livejournal, but for now this seems an ideal place to start.  I hope we can have fun and inspire interest in this fascinating and long-neglected colony.

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Wulfgar - Reversible - Wool and Faux Fur Short Cloak - L XL XXL [03 Nov 2007|09:10pm]

[ mood | happy ]

 New short cloak for sale! I do not have enough of either fabric to reproduce this again so get it while you can.


xx ~Static
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Wulfgar - Reversible - Wool and Faux Fur Short Cloak - L XL [26 Oct 2007|04:22pm]

New Short Cloak for sale! I do not have enough of either fabric to reproduce this again so get it while you can.

While you're there don't forget to check out my Bats, Bloomers, Hats, Bears & more!
I'm constantly updating listing so bookmark my shop and keep your eyes peeled.
xx ~Static
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Fabric search help. [16 Jul 2007|08:28pm]

Does anyone know where I can go to find a certain print/style of fabric I'm looking for? Is there a website for locating extra yards or a community I can inquire at?

I've got two yards of this fabric, I'm not sure what it is exactly as I bought it some years ago. It's supple like satin but feels and looks as though it could be some kind of cotton-blend. It's very soft and smooth. I'm wanting to make a short chemise out of it but need at least another 3 yards. I'd prefer another five, if possible though.

It has a silvery purple color to it. These photos were taken indoor by a window, so the color is pretty close, though not exact. The leaves appear to have been machine embroidered into the cloth.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!:)
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