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Welcome to The Garbery

Where the PIN is mightier than the sword

The Garbery
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Welcome to the Garbery, an online resource for all things Garb.

garb (gärb)
A distinctive style or form of clothing; dress: clerical garb.
An outward appearance; a guise eg; presented their radical ideas in the garb of moderation.

Whether ye be looking to impress that cute guy/girl at game or attending the Faire. Here is where you can come for ideas and inspiration for that kick-ass frock, or first aid solutions for that terriby torn tunic. Please feel free to post pictures of things you have made or ideas that you have, to inspire others and tell us about your good and bad experience with different fabrics and designs (horror stories encouraged). And do not hesitate to share resources and instructional pages that you have made/found.

Rules are the obvious
1. No spamming or flaming, especially when it comes to people who are kind enough to post picture of their work. People come in different shapes and sizes and they all have talent.
2. Posts must be relevant, relevant ebay or other auction ads are allowed but please keep them to a minimum.
3. All large images must be either downsized or kept in cuts, this is for the sake of those who have ye olde diale uppe.
4. DO NOT post quizzes, these entries will be deleted.


Before you ask questions about garb etc... here is a useful link full of FAQs and really great tips: The Costumer's Manifesto

Update: We will soon have a links page up. if any one has a link they would like to submit please let me know.
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